Wednesday, June 28, 2006

a message to my favorite blog-stalker, aka Janet

i am still here, i swear. i have not formed a secret blog away from your stalker-eyes but have instead been busy packing up my apartment to move this friday. plus there hasn't been anything ridiculous enough going on for me to make fun of. it's quite unfortunate actually.

instead i will tell you about a dream i had last night that i found really amusing upon waking. i don't really remember most of the specifics, but what i do remember is sitting on an old rug with my roommate erin when it suddenly became a magic carpet and started to fly us into the sky. so we decided what better thing to do on a magic carpet than to sing ALL of "A Whole New World" from Aladdin in our best (aka worst) singing voices. i sang aladdin's part and she jasmine's. we even did cheesy arm motions. it surprises me that we make fun of ourselves even in my dream.

all around it was like a normal night at the apartment.

well, except erin usually sing's aladdin's part.

i hope you enjoyed janet. this post was all for you. sorry i didn't talk about Hanson. oh, there, i just did.