Thursday, October 27, 2005

insight into my roommates and i:

Me: Hey Kelly, can you dye my hair tomorrow?
Kelly: I won't be home until after 8
Me: Ok, can you dye my hair on Saturday?
Kelly: Not until after 5:30
Me: Ok, would never work for you?
Kelly: How about next never?

A little later:
Erin: Hey Kelly, do you know this random guy from my high school that I haven't seen since like 1998?
Kelly: Yea, I went to the prom with him.
Me: Of course you did.

Even later:
Erin: Can we all wear booby tassles on Halloween!
Kelly: I don't think I'll have time to go to Walmart.

And lastly:
All together (singing): Shantilly lace and a pretty face, pony tail hanging down, a wiggle when you walk, a giggle when you talk, makes the world go 'round 'round round'!!!!

I love our special times.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

pass that what?

after teaching dance all day today and listening to a lot of missy elliot, i'm sitting in the living room with erin watching tv when i randomly yell "who-de whooo!" (a la "Pass That Dutch"). then we get into a conversation about what the hell that even means. i always kind of assumed it had to do with marijuana because of the whole passing thing, but i really wasn't sure. we decided that the only dutch we knew of was going dutch on a date and the people who like to clog. then we thought maybe it means the people since there was clogging in the video for the song right? but what would missy want with a dutch person?

for the answer i turned to the omnipotent master of the universe and my own best friend, google. of course, as much as i love google, it isn't perfect, and before finding the answer i had to weed out all the sites about THE Dutch. finally i found a site that confirmed my initial thought that the phrase is talking about pot. apparently it's refering (or REEfering, HAHA......sorry.) to a specific type of dooby rolled with some kind of dutch cigar paper? yea, i still don't know, but at least when someone asks me to pass that dutch someday i won't hand over a guy with wooden shoes.

"There'll be plenty of time for smokin doobies when you're living in a VAN down by the RIVER!" -Chris Farley, SNL

Friday, October 21, 2005

here's an equation for you

(ricky martin - la vida loca) + fat joe = a shitty song

Thursday, October 20, 2005

random musings on the day

i heard a car accident happen today while i was on the bus coming back from class. i couldn't see it because it happened behind us and unlike school buses, there isn't a back window. all i know is that there was a screech of tires and a loud bang. it didn't sound like a bad accident but for some reason it gave me a chill and a feeling of unease. it's gone now, just took me by surprise at the time.

the new slew of supernatural/alien-related tv shows have NOTHING on the x-files. watch it in syndication. still the creepiest, most imaginative and intriguing series. plus, sometimes you get to see mulder in boxer-briefs. yummy.

gummi candy corn is the worst idea ever and paying 3.50 for a super small bag of it is really stupid.

unconsciously comparing your body type to that of every other girl in the room is probably an unhealthy habit. but still one that's hard to break.

reading "Helter Skelter" (book about the Manson murders and trial) is not that scary, until you realize your iPod has started playing "Don't Drink the Water". the creep factor tends to go up when your imagination gets a soundtrack.

i like my hair. i know, more random than the rest of the randomness, but i was just in the bathroom washing my hands and i had to share the thought i had. otherwise most of this post was going to be kind of a downer.

oh, well. just keep the david duchovny visual in your head and you'll feel better. i know i do.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

why i love october (and halloween)

- sweaters but no coats
- sunshine and sweatshirts together
- crunching leaves on the sidewalk
- pumpkins
- apples
- movies on tv every night with titles like Damnation Alley, Poltergiest 8, The Legend of Hell House and Some Dead People are Taking Over My Town XV
- Columbus Day (day off)
- Disney airs 'Hocus Pocus" like it's their job
- Oktoberfest
- fishnet stalkings become mainstream for like a week
- lots of evil laughing
- corn that tastes like candy!
- Thriller and Monster Mash on the radio
and the best part - dressing up like a dorky/slutty/nasty/funny/sexy/icky whatever it is and walking around in public.

this year, i'm going to try to find the best cosumes to take pictures of during halloween and i'll post them here. although i think my roommates and i might win, at least for best initial reaction. mwuahahahahaha. MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHA. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Drugs are bad....mmmmkay?

wow, i just read my last post. i think i was on crack. if you haven't read it yet, here's fair warning that it's slightly manic. i'm just high on life, i swear.

tonight i went a huntin' for a good blog to read and write about every day for my contemporary mass comm. class. we have to keep a journal on one blog for a week and write about how it's written, the content, the author etc. it's a pretty good assignment i think. anywho, i searched forever to find the perfect blog, aka one that would be interesting, updated frequently and pretty. the one i decided on is called Dooce and is actually ranked #7 on some big site's top 100 blogs. the site is linked to over 10,000 other blogs! and the craziest part is that it is just a woman's journal. it is not centered around a cause, political stance, specific interest, it is just her day-to-day thoughts and life. and people eat it up. to her credit, she is a very talented designer-turned stay at home mom (a very noble choice), extremely well-written, sarcastic (my favorite), witty, interesting and truthful. but it just floors me that so many people would find her site and become caught up in her life. it is like watching a reality show, without the whole scripted manipulation part. which means it may actually be good.

two thumbs up for well-written blogs
two thumbs down for drugs

and a whole lotta love to puppies. just because.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


the rain finally broke today! and just in time for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk. the wind was pretty crazy and kelly and i almost ended up in the Charles on several occassions, but the sun was out and it finally felt like new england fall. of course, now i'll have to disassemble my Ark2000 and sell all those damn animals back to the black market. i'm keeping the koalas though.

anywho, the walk was great, and we took a little detour to starbucks where i got a caramel apple cider. mmm, yummy. i was in fall heaven. the walk went by pretty quick because kelly and i talked the whole way and quoted family guy, of course. Chris: "i'm so hungry i could ride a horse.......i don't get it. i could ride him to the store i guess." sweet. then we watched her kids dance at the Hatch Shell before heading home.

that's when we found out there was some "Brighton Day Parade" today and our bus wasn't running because the whole main street in and out of the town was blocked. awesome. why we 3 good citizens of brighton don't know a crap about what's going on in our town is pretty funny. fortunately the last stop on the B line of the T is a mile from our apartment, so after all the walking this morning we figured we could handle another mile (that and the other alternative was a 4 mile walk from kenmore to our house). while on the T i kept myself occupied in the most mature fashion possible - imagining how funny it would be to screw with the recorded voice that announces the stops and says "the destination of this train is Boston College." i don't know if you know the sound of the T voice, but just imagine it saying "the destination of this train is your mom's house." you know it would be badass funny. or maybe i have problems. anyway, i was amused and kelly laughed. (of course that could have a been directly correlated to her only getting 2 hours of sleep last night, waking up at 7:45 am to try not to get blown over the side of the Harvard Bridge and then drinking a venti latte.) yea, maybe i'm really not funny.

want to know what is funny? since the walk today i have had a part of the new Family Guy movie in my head and it won't get out. i even came home and watched the part hoping it would leave once i heard it again. no such luck. it is one of the funniest parts in the movie and my roommates and i replayed it twice while watching the movie, but it's not going to be funny much longer if it takes up permenant residence in my brain. if you like family guy and haven't checked out the new movie "Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story" you should. and look for the part where Peter randomly (what about the show isn't random?) comes out hanging from the clothes line in the backyard dressed in a Spider-man costume with a big flabby belly roll bulging out. as he pulls himself along on the line he sings (to the tune of the Batman theme, by the way): "Danananananananana-SPIDER-MAN! Here comes peter on the clothesline but his name's not peter it is SPIDER-MAN, SPIDER-MAN! Come on lois let's get busy right here in the backyard cause i'm SPIDER-MAN, SPIDER-MAN! Touch my booty with your hand, SPIDER-MAN." Oooooo, we're in luck! I just found a clip of the song online here.

and i'm now realizing that nothing about this post is probably ammusing or funny to anyone but me (and maybe my roommates who won't read this anyway). it also may be proof that sometimes i might take drugs without conscious knowledge. i don't have another explanation for the sometimes bizarro shiznit that comes from my brain and spills out of my mouth on days like today.

other exciting events of this weekend included: dinner with Steph at Whiskeys on friday which was really good, going to Sanctuary with Nikki, Dylcia and Emily and drinking beer, sangria and gin and tonics all in the same night - fun at the time, but not recommended, hanging out with kelly's friends who came to visit for the weekend and going to my first Stand Up For Kids training session. i'm really excited to learn about Stand Up and start doing outreach this year. it seems like it's going to be tough but worth it and i know that erin will help me out because she has been involved for a couple years already. if you're in a bigger city and want to get involved in a great cause that helps homeless kids you should check it out. and on that, more serious and mature note i say adieu.

interesting fact: while playing 2 truths and a lie at training this weekend nobody got mine right. my 3 statements were 1 - my favorite movie is the matrix, 2 - my father is a lawyer and 3 - i have driven cross country twice. do you know the lie?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

nothing important happened today...

except that we got today and thursday off from communication theory class! heck yes! so therefore, it is the best week ever. plus i taught dance and made some sweet mula with uncle rico (ok, he wasn't there) and my staffing agency might have a job that i can go to every wednesday. more mula. fabulous. now i may be able to pay next month's rent, oh, and the parking ticket i got this morning (oops).

other than that, i have nothing of great interest to talk about.

it's been raining here since friday night and probably will be until next tuesday. that's pretty exciting. um, nope.

i could talk about how i saw jason mraz in concert on sunday night and it was awesome. kelly and i had great seats and the opening bands were even fabulous. i had heard of carbon leaf before and knew their songs "what about everything?" and "life less ordinary." they did some amazing four part harmony a capella and the lead singer played the penny-whistle or some flute-like instrument that reminded me of ireland. it was cool.

then the second opener was this guy named raul midon. he had an acoustic guitar, a microphone and an astounding voice. in his songs he made it sound like there was a drum accompanyment by hitting parts of the guitar and he used his mouth to sound just like a trumpet. really, check this guy out. download his stuff from iTunes. so talented, and his album also has a song with jason mraz and one with stevie wonder.

then, there was of course, the geek in the pink, mr.a-z himself. what a cutie. his voice in person is exactly like what it is on the albums. he's really talented and really a super geek, which i love. i even wore my "i love geeks" shirt especially for the show. takes one to love one, right? haha.

so, he mostly sang the songs from the newer album which i've only heard once before, but i enjoyed them anyway. i'm going to steal kelly's copy and upload it i think. for older stuff he did "you and i both," "after an afternoon," "unfold" and "curbside prophet" which made me happy, although i was hoping for some "tonight, not again." maybe next time. overall an awesome concert and i would definitely go see him on his next visit to boston.

well, so much for not having anything to talk about. whether it's interesting or not, the jury's still out on that one, but it's a day to look back on and remember that even though it's been raining for 4 days straight, "life is wonderful".

the happiest town on earth?

tonight i was writing a take-home quiz for my contemporary mass media class, debunking an argument of the anti-FOX news documentary "outfoxed." to create my argument that the documentary never talked about the other big media companies and how they present news, i was looking up information about newscorp (the big parent company of FOX and about 100 other media outlets) and the rest of the "big five" (for those who aren't communication students, the "big five" are the five largest media companies in the world and basically own and control everything we watch, read, hear and see - aol/time warner, GE-nbc universal, viacom-MTV anyone?, newscorp - FOX, and everyone's favorite, disney).

so, i find this great site that outlines all the ownership of these companies (p.s. it is a little outdated - i.e. ge/nbc recently merged with universal). at the bottom of disney's entry it says "celebration, florida, a 4,900-acre town." i'm thinking, another resort area set up like a town or a place where disney world "cast members" live. but, of course i have to know for sure so, like everything else, i google it. what do i find? this.

it's a real town! but it's not like it's real. it's like stepford real. it's like pleasantville real. you can buy a house there or an aparment or a condo. it's all on the site. plus there's a hospital and public schools with subjects like horticulture and a community intranet that keeps you updated on town events. Oh, and my favorite part is in the town press release area - "snow returns to celebration". and just in case you can't link there for some reason i'll copy my favorite part right here:

"The day after Thanksgiving is known as one of the busiest shopping days of the year. But in Celebration, the day marks another tradition – the beginning of Celebration’s Nightly Snowfall down MARKET STREET. The snow begins Friday, November 28 at 6, 7, 8, and 9 p.m. for ten minutes and repeats every night until New Year’s Eve."

WHAT?!?! are you kidding me!? the town even has fake snow! i don't know whether to call the FBI to look into this place or start saving up for one of its $1,000,000 houses.

but really, i don't know about a major corporation owning my town. just think about that. think of your home town and now imagine mcdonalds owns it or warner brothers or, hey, disney. there has to be some sort of a catch. does the hamburglar show up for dinner unexpectedly? do they use your main street as a giant movie set whenever they feel like it? is your swimming pool not suitable for laps with all the rounded edges that make up the mouse ears?

maybe i'm just old fashioned, but i think i like my towns synergy/product integration/media congolmerate free, at least for the time-being.

Sunday, October 09, 2005


i ran out of things to do to avoid my theory paper. so i thought, 'hey, why not make a blog!' and here i am.

first i guess i should explain the name of the blog. it obviously comes from the quote by albert camus that i wrote in the description, but as for what meaning it has in my life i will explain.

like a lot of people, i have found that winter is a hard time for me. winters in boston are incredibly cold, windy and the worst part, gray. as my idol lewis black aptly put it: "you wake up and it's the grayest day you've ever seen. and then next day it's even grayer!" i love lew.

but anyway, the gray days and the long nights = the blahs for me and i become a useless, listless, sad case, eating cookies and wallowing in coldplay, counting crows and radiohead. and while a day here and there of depressing music and introspection is not a bad thing, a few months is not so good. don't get me wrong, i'm not saying that i get super depressed to the point where i close myself off from the world and don't want to live, i just get in a rut and i don't like it.

so as winter dragged to a close last year and spring finally seemed on its way, i realized what i had been doing to myself all winter. and now that i know what can happen i am determined to enter this winter fighting the blahs and reminding myself that i am responsible for the way i feel. no weather, no person, no music should be able to control my life so easily because overall things are good, i am lucky and to top it off, i now have the memory of 3 months L.A. sunshine to get me through.

so this will be a place where i can complain and share the shit if i want to and then be able to let it go. it will also be a place i can write and remember the good things in my life - the everyday random shit that makes my day, things my friends do for me and the great experiences i have. the things that always bring warmth and light into my life.

let it snow. let it snow. let it snow.