Saturday, October 22, 2005

pass that what?

after teaching dance all day today and listening to a lot of missy elliot, i'm sitting in the living room with erin watching tv when i randomly yell "who-de whooo!" (a la "Pass That Dutch"). then we get into a conversation about what the hell that even means. i always kind of assumed it had to do with marijuana because of the whole passing thing, but i really wasn't sure. we decided that the only dutch we knew of was going dutch on a date and the people who like to clog. then we thought maybe it means the people since there was clogging in the video for the song right? but what would missy want with a dutch person?

for the answer i turned to the omnipotent master of the universe and my own best friend, google. of course, as much as i love google, it isn't perfect, and before finding the answer i had to weed out all the sites about THE Dutch. finally i found a site that confirmed my initial thought that the phrase is talking about pot. apparently it's refering (or REEfering, HAHA......sorry.) to a specific type of dooby rolled with some kind of dutch cigar paper? yea, i still don't know, but at least when someone asks me to pass that dutch someday i won't hand over a guy with wooden shoes.

"There'll be plenty of time for smokin doobies when you're living in a VAN down by the RIVER!" -Chris Farley, SNL

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