Tuesday, February 28, 2006

fat tuesday

more like fat everyday. ok, i know. "don't be so hard on yourself." blah blah blah. yea, it's time i started being harder on myself. i am definitely 20 lbs heavier than i was when i graduated college and 40 lbs heavier than i want to be. "if you lose 40 pounds you won't even be there anymore!" oh trust me, i will be. i'll probably still even wear a double digit dress size. no kidding. so, in honor of the season of lent, i am giving up ALL junk food. i'm not even catholic. but i did it during my senior year of high school and succeeded, so i sure as hell should be able to do it now that i am a much more mature version of myself. that is why, in mature adult fashion, i am posting it on my blog so that the possible embarrassment of failing this endeavor publicly will keep me away from the junk.

when i told erin, my roommate, of my plan, she wanted me to define what i meant by "junkfood", since everyone probably has a different definition. hers only includes candy and chips, that skinny bitch. (loooove you.)
however, mine will be a bit more strict and also includes:
- any snacky food with no nutritional value - cheez its, fruit snacks, granola bars with gooey stuff in them
- fast food (excluding the healthy options at subway and quiznos)
- anything fried
- nachos
- ice cream
- sweets - cookies, candy, regular soda (which i don't really drink anyway)
- mac and cheese
- chocolate
- super buttered popcorn
- chinese food except white rice and things with vegetables

I will allow myself pizza on occassion, fat-free chocolate pudding, light popcorn, diet soda, and sugar free, fat free vanilla ice cream (mostly because I have a lot left in the freezer).

so, mostly this is a diet, but i guess i'd rather see it as a goal to make it through without these things, and maybe by the end i won't want even really want them anymore. unlike sr. year of high school when lent ended while i was in spain and nicole had brought half a suitcase full of easter candy with her. when dinner is the slab of meat you just saw hanging in the window by a hook, sugared marshmallow birds look damn tasty. (p.s. isn't the Peep inside the chocolate egg such a good idea?!)

lastly, on a more serious note, i want to try to make this time not ALL about losing weight, but partially about what Lenten is for, traditionaly (and i'm not really referring to all the religious ideaology). therefore, i will also be working on feeling better about the way i look no matter what. i realize that even with weight gone it may not mean i will like myself any more.

well, wish me luck in all respects. i will keep you updated on my progress and any possible setbacks.
wow, aren't you excited?! haha.

i never promised this blog would be interesting, and my plan to keep that non-promise is going splendidly.

coming soon: "orange you happy to see me?: test-running my new self-tanner"

Monday, February 27, 2006

i'd like some fries with that macnerd

clicking on the link above will prove to you how much of a computer/advertising dork my grad school friends and i are, because we find something like that to be funny. pretty damn funny actually. so funny that we share it with each other and say "take a look at this, it's really funny!" but if you don't know the difference between Mac and Microsoft products, you won't get it, and if you don't know how the companies package and advertise their products, it won't be funny, and if you like Microsoft more than Mac it won't be ammusing to you at all. so, don't say i didn't warn you.

you may procede.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

a new level of bored

i just took one of those stupid Quizilla tests that people make up. this one was called "What kick-ass t-shirt saying are you?" or something like that, and i have to say this test result was surprisingly accurate (see below). so, rock on Quizilla t-shirt saying survey maker. thank you for sharing your adeptness at pinpointing people's personalities on fake t-shirts through questions like "Are you crazy?". next stop, the CIA.


Which Kick Ass Shirt Saying Are You??
brought to you by Quizilla

Saturday, February 25, 2006

tempus fugit

i cannot believe it has been almost a month since my last post. the passing of time just escapes me lately as i spend most of my days in my apartment, on my computer. and though i am being paid to sit in my bed and do work on said computer (so i should not complain), working from home does little for good human contact and gives me nothing interesting to write about. at this rate, i just need a couple kids and a husband and i'd be a desperate housewife.

think i'd prefer a boyfriend and a puppy.

i just thank god for a gym membership, roommates who alternate being home, and weekend visits that keep me sane. and someday soon, when i am getting up at 6am to put on business attire and take the T into the office, i will look back on this time and be envious of my sweatpant wardrobe and working-from-bed days. truly, i can't say that it's altogether a bad deal.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

things i miss, and always will

as i feel like i'm transitioning into a new part of my life and moving farther away in time from many of the great moments i've had, i'd like to stop and take note of the things that were so amazing and impacted me so much that i still miss them when they pass through my mind. some of these things are fairly recent, while many go back even before high school. some are purely happy memories, while others are bitter-sweet in a way that their rememberence brings about a kind of sadness for their ending. all have the distinction of being tucked away in my heart forever, along with the people who are a part of them. if that is you, i hope you also remember and miss them too.

- monday night company class
- saturday night dinners
- hour long hugs
- movies and friendlys after work
- waynelovich cookouts
- stupid home-made radio shows like 13.4 AFNF
- choreographing dances in the basement
- 80s dance parties in the dorm room
- Checkers
- rainy car rides to nowhere
- maple syruping
- the final bow
- "Our next category is Senior Large Group Lyrical, please welcome studio code D, "Heal the Suffering." and "and the award is....an Ultimate Gold!"
- the smell of my Caboodle
- new X-Files fridays (and then sundays)
- christmas as a child (i.e. less shopping, no stress, lots of gifts, more magic)
- going to every meal at the dining hall as a huge group
- new school clothes shopping with mom
- "David Duchovny why won't you love me!?!! Why won't you love me?!?! Why won't you love me?!?!"........"lo siento."
- late nights/early mornings with the damn chirping birds
- secret car meeting
- tech rehearsals
- playing charades in the instrument room
- school crushes
- the bottom of the ocean in the Great Barrier Reef
- Nintendo world championships (in my basement of course)
- people watching/outfit critiques at the holyoke mall
- "Would you still be my friend if I looked like this?!"
- lake winnepesaki (still can't spell it)
- long talks about nothing and everything
- being naive enough to think things won't change (but knowing deep down they always do)

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

behold, the power of kentucky

on my way home from the gym tonight i was about ready to blow up at all the crazy, stupid, boston rush-hour drivers that surrounded me, as well as all the harvard kids crossing the damn street at the same fricken time in a steady stream that lasted about 5 minutes. luckily, at the moment when i starting thinking it would be a good thing for the suv in front of me to take out one of those preppy, ivy-leaguers so we could get this show on the road, i noticed that same suv had a kentucky licence plate and suddenly, all was right with the world.

if you haven't ever seen a kentucky licence plate i have posted a picture here, because it is by far the best one in the country and it must make road rage obsolete in that state. there's no way you can see that licence plate and remain angry about anything. i want to hang it in my room. maybe i'll tattoo it on myself somewhere so i can take a quick look at it whenever someone's pissing me off. maybe we should all tattoo it somewhere and then the world would be a happier place. i think president bush should get one right on his forehead, then i might actually smile when i see him. it might even help his approval rating. okay, so that's stretching it, but maybe other countries won't hate us as much when they get a look at that big, smiling sun and our country's new slogan:

"USA: It's that friendly."

well, a girl can dream.