Wednesday, February 08, 2006

behold, the power of kentucky

on my way home from the gym tonight i was about ready to blow up at all the crazy, stupid, boston rush-hour drivers that surrounded me, as well as all the harvard kids crossing the damn street at the same fricken time in a steady stream that lasted about 5 minutes. luckily, at the moment when i starting thinking it would be a good thing for the suv in front of me to take out one of those preppy, ivy-leaguers so we could get this show on the road, i noticed that same suv had a kentucky licence plate and suddenly, all was right with the world.

if you haven't ever seen a kentucky licence plate i have posted a picture here, because it is by far the best one in the country and it must make road rage obsolete in that state. there's no way you can see that licence plate and remain angry about anything. i want to hang it in my room. maybe i'll tattoo it on myself somewhere so i can take a quick look at it whenever someone's pissing me off. maybe we should all tattoo it somewhere and then the world would be a happier place. i think president bush should get one right on his forehead, then i might actually smile when i see him. it might even help his approval rating. okay, so that's stretching it, but maybe other countries won't hate us as much when they get a look at that big, smiling sun and our country's new slogan:

"USA: It's that friendly."

well, a girl can dream.

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