Thursday, February 09, 2006

things i miss, and always will

as i feel like i'm transitioning into a new part of my life and moving farther away in time from many of the great moments i've had, i'd like to stop and take note of the things that were so amazing and impacted me so much that i still miss them when they pass through my mind. some of these things are fairly recent, while many go back even before high school. some are purely happy memories, while others are bitter-sweet in a way that their rememberence brings about a kind of sadness for their ending. all have the distinction of being tucked away in my heart forever, along with the people who are a part of them. if that is you, i hope you also remember and miss them too.

- monday night company class
- saturday night dinners
- hour long hugs
- movies and friendlys after work
- waynelovich cookouts
- stupid home-made radio shows like 13.4 AFNF
- choreographing dances in the basement
- 80s dance parties in the dorm room
- Checkers
- rainy car rides to nowhere
- maple syruping
- the final bow
- "Our next category is Senior Large Group Lyrical, please welcome studio code D, "Heal the Suffering." and "and the award Ultimate Gold!"
- the smell of my Caboodle
- new X-Files fridays (and then sundays)
- christmas as a child (i.e. less shopping, no stress, lots of gifts, more magic)
- going to every meal at the dining hall as a huge group
- new school clothes shopping with mom
- "David Duchovny why won't you love me!?!! Why won't you love me?!?! Why won't you love me?!?!"........"lo siento."
- late nights/early mornings with the damn chirping birds
- secret car meeting
- tech rehearsals
- playing charades in the instrument room
- school crushes
- the bottom of the ocean in the Great Barrier Reef
- Nintendo world championships (in my basement of course)
- people watching/outfit critiques at the holyoke mall
- "Would you still be my friend if I looked like this?!"
- lake winnepesaki (still can't spell it)
- long talks about nothing and everything
- being naive enough to think things won't change (but knowing deep down they always do)

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