Wednesday, August 15, 2007

HAPPY HALLO....wait.

The new Halloween movie comes out on August 31st.

Do the studios even know what movies they're releasing anymore or do they just spin the "Wheel of Craptasticness!" and whatever movie script it happens to land on they make and release next!?

To answer my own question, I researched and found this rare snippet captured from a 2006 Dimension Films Marketing Meeting:

Movie Marketing Genius Guy (MMGG): "So what's the next film on the table for us."

Movie Marketing Genius Guy's Assistant (MMGGA): "Hmm, this one's called 'Halloween'."

MMGG: "Well, let's take a look at our 2007 release schedule.......We've got 'Lepreucaun 8' coming out Easter weekend already, so that won't work."

MMGGA: "Dammit! That would have been perfect."

MMGG: "I know, I know. But it's ok. There's always another way."

MMGGA: "Why does this have to be so hard!?!
What about the 4th of July!?"

MMGG: "No. We've already got 'Santa's Slay' coming out then."

MMGGA: "Oh, duh. I should have remembered that."

MMGG: "It's ok. We all make mistakes. Hmm, think think. When oh when should we release this movie called 'Halloween'?"

(deep, thoughtful silence)

MMGGA: "I've got it!! The perfect date to release the film Halloween!"

MMGG: Well don't keep it to yourself!"

MMGGA: "August 31st."

(stunned silence)

MMGG: "You..........are a genius. It's ideas like this that will take you right to the top in this town."

MMGGA: "Thank you sir. That means a lot coming from you."

MMGG: "Well, don't get too excited we've still got the task of figuring out when to release that 'April Fools Day Movie'."
Siiiiiigh. "It just never ends."

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I Hate People

Especially those that try to ruin their kid's life by attempting to name them something totally ridiculous just to challenge the status quo and see how far they can stretch their rights.

Stop using your kid to prove to the world how much of a douchebag you are. I'm sure you were doing well enough on your own.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

America Runs on Corn

This morning on the T I saw a woman eating corn on the cob.

It doesn't quite compare to the day I saw the unscathed foot-long hot dog (sans bun) and Big Gulp soda sitting together perfectly on one seat of the train. But it's still pretty good.

And it spawned the idea that I should buy stock in corn and then convince McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks that corn is the new convenience superfood. I can see the ads now: "Corn on the Cob: The perfect breakfast for the certifiably insane gal on the go!"

Then we could launch a dual campaign for corn using Hybrid cards and Dunkin Donuts:

Friday, August 03, 2007

Picture Pages

Trying something new. Making the time to take more pictures and post them here for you. Would love some feedback, especially from those with photography experience. Enjoy!

Down by the banks of the river Charles.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Pimping Myself

Just thought I'd share my excitement that Showtime has quoted my blog review of Californication!

Check it out here, and if you don't trust my judgment, read other people's reviews of the pilot for yourself. Some of them don't even have my DuchovnyBias and they loved the show too.