Wednesday, August 15, 2007

HAPPY HALLO....wait.

The new Halloween movie comes out on August 31st.

Do the studios even know what movies they're releasing anymore or do they just spin the "Wheel of Craptasticness!" and whatever movie script it happens to land on they make and release next!?

To answer my own question, I researched and found this rare snippet captured from a 2006 Dimension Films Marketing Meeting:

Movie Marketing Genius Guy (MMGG): "So what's the next film on the table for us."

Movie Marketing Genius Guy's Assistant (MMGGA): "Hmm, this one's called 'Halloween'."

MMGG: "Well, let's take a look at our 2007 release schedule.......We've got 'Lepreucaun 8' coming out Easter weekend already, so that won't work."

MMGGA: "Dammit! That would have been perfect."

MMGG: "I know, I know. But it's ok. There's always another way."

MMGGA: "Why does this have to be so hard!?!
What about the 4th of July!?"

MMGG: "No. We've already got 'Santa's Slay' coming out then."

MMGGA: "Oh, duh. I should have remembered that."

MMGG: "It's ok. We all make mistakes. Hmm, think think. When oh when should we release this movie called 'Halloween'?"

(deep, thoughtful silence)

MMGGA: "I've got it!! The perfect date to release the film Halloween!"

MMGG: Well don't keep it to yourself!"

MMGGA: "August 31st."

(stunned silence)

MMGG: "You..........are a genius. It's ideas like this that will take you right to the top in this town."

MMGGA: "Thank you sir. That means a lot coming from you."

MMGG: "Well, don't get too excited we've still got the task of figuring out when to release that 'April Fools Day Movie'."
Siiiiiigh. "It just never ends."

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Anonymous said...

I heard Rob Zombie on the radio the other day promoting this movie and the DJ was like "Halloween comming out, October 31st right?" and Rob Zombie was like "No its comming out tommorro" It was funny becuase after he got off the phone the DJ was like, "yea i'm an idiot for thinking it would come out in October"