Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Warning: Bad Language, Boobies and Spoilers Ensue

I just watched the youngest girl from The Nanny have full-frontal fake sex with David Duchovny while punching him in the face. Also, her character is supposed to be 16-years old. (Ooopsie statutory!) And guess what?! I freakin loved it! Well, not so much the part(s) with the boobies, but I understand their place in an adult show because, let's be honest, people have sex naked. And if you can't take a boob or two in a show for adults then you just might be one (A boob, I mean. Certainly not an adult).

Based on the pilot, I think Californication is going to be a slam dunk for Showtime. Not only does it have a strong lead-in (Weeds), but the pilot crammed more humor, drama, family conflict, sex and real emotion in one half hour than I've seen a network show fit into a whole season. Duchovny's character is tragically interesting and strangely irresistible; you hate who he is and what he's doing, but you can't help but root for him to pull it together. The new anti-hero. I can't wait to see what he'll fuck up next.

That's right. I just remembered! I don't get Showtime, I get HBO. Grrrr.

And what of HBO? I think they better step it up. No more Sopranos, no SATC and as far as I'm concerned Entourage is an overly popular second-rate show slowly taking an L.A. style digger (Exhibit A: Medellin). I'm sorry to all of those who watch the show to live vicariously through Vince and Drama, but it has to be said: Entourage. is. not. that. great. (ALSO, You. will. never. get. hot. LA. movie star. chicks.)

I will give HBO points for Flight of the Conchords though. That is some funny shiznittle. Especially dream David Bowie. HI-larious!

Anyway, whoever gets Showtime is my new BFF. So, call me because we should totally get together, hmm let's say every Monday from 10:30 to 11:00 starting on August 13th.



Anonymous said...

cracks me up


Chicken said...

I used to have HBO and watched Sopranos, Deadwood, Carnival and Six Feet Under.

It way too long for The Sopranos & Deadwoods new season, the canceled Carnival :-( and Six Feet Under had finished. I ended up bailing on it because there was nothing keeping me there.

I watched Entourage to try to fill the void but it didn't work. I agree with you...it is not that great.

Chariot13 said...

Yea, I only get HBO because one of my roommates had to have it. I should probably try to watch more on there than I do, since I'm paying for it and all. Big Love seems interesting and I've been told on multiple occasions that I look like one of the actresses on there (i.e. I'm going to watch this show because I'm self-absorbed). And Flight of the Conchords is actually good. But beyond that there isn't much else I'm too excited about lately. More often than not the most we watch HBO is when we go to HBO OnDemand and watch Sex and the City reruns.

Anonymous said...

I would get showtime just to hangout(stalk) you everymonday.


Chariot13 said...

that's pretty creepy Janet. but i'm not saying i'd be above taking you up on it. haha.

in fact, i'd even let you watch me blog about the show from your living room.

that would kind of be like being a blogging whore. my blogs in exchange for use of your TV.

then i could go find somewhere else to blog one monday night and you could facebook bitch slap me and our relationship would be complete.

oh, what beautiful dreams i have.