Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Summer Movie Blockbuster Season is Thankfully Almost Over

Movies that aren't sequels!?!?! Wow!!! Who knew they still existed? I always held out hope I'd see them again (But of course not again and again and again and again.). Check out my picks for the best upcoming movies that thankfully won't ever become sequels. (click on the poster to watch the trailer):

The Darjeeling Limited (Fall 2007)

This latest film from Wes Anderson looks interesting and I love the actors in it. Plus, it takes place in India, a place I would love to visit.

End point: I really liked The Royal Tenenbaums, I really didn't know what to think about The Life Aquatic, but I'm super psyched for a new vision from this unique director.

December Boys (Fall 2007)

Daniel Radcliffe not portraying Harry Potter AND keeping his clothes on (as far as I know). I also really enjoy coming-of-age movies. The trailer for this conjures memories of Stand by Me and Now and Then.

End point: New Zealand + Harry Potter + the beach = Love.

Gone Baby Gone (Fall 2007)

Ben Affleck's first crack at directing looks intense. It stars his brother Casey and a lot of other great actors, plus it takes place in Boston. See that skyline? It's the only good thing about riding the Red Line home from work.

End point: Casey Affleck is adorable, Boston is beautiful, this author also wrote "Mystic River". I'm sold.

30 Days of Night (October 2007)

"Which of these things is not like the other? Which of these things just doesn't belong?" Okay, so this movie could possibly spawn a sequel (30 Days of Light. Wait, already been done.) and yes, it stars Josh Hartnett. But what can I say? I am a sucker for horror movies and the undead. The premise for this seems like a fresh take on the genre, although I can't believe it's taken this long for someone to make a vampire movie set in one of those crazy places that has days and days of darkness during the winter. Hello people! No sunlight = no killing vampires! Duh!

End point: It's produced by Sam Raimi, I'm ready to get shit scared out of me, bring it on.()

1-18-08 (Guess when it comes out?)

Oh, J.J. Abrams, you have hooked me in again. No one knows what this movie is called or what it's about or who's in it, and if LOST is any indication, once we see the movie we still probably won't know what the hell's going on. But you know what? I'm still gonna see it. And then I'm going to spend hours on a message board trying to unlock it's secrets. Ok, not really, but a lot of other people already are. After watching a 2 minute preview. Of a movie without a name. Mr. Abrams, that is power.

End point: You know what would be funny? If this movie didn't even exist. J.J. Abrams is just fucking with everyone because he can. You get to the theatre, sit down and then the smoke monster comes on and does a 2 minute tap dance. Cut to J.J. Abrams saying "Watch LOST! I'm J.J. Abrams bitch!" Would that blow your mind or what?

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