Sunday, October 16, 2005


the rain finally broke today! and just in time for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk. the wind was pretty crazy and kelly and i almost ended up in the Charles on several occassions, but the sun was out and it finally felt like new england fall. of course, now i'll have to disassemble my Ark2000 and sell all those damn animals back to the black market. i'm keeping the koalas though.

anywho, the walk was great, and we took a little detour to starbucks where i got a caramel apple cider. mmm, yummy. i was in fall heaven. the walk went by pretty quick because kelly and i talked the whole way and quoted family guy, of course. Chris: "i'm so hungry i could ride a horse.......i don't get it. i could ride him to the store i guess." sweet. then we watched her kids dance at the Hatch Shell before heading home.

that's when we found out there was some "Brighton Day Parade" today and our bus wasn't running because the whole main street in and out of the town was blocked. awesome. why we 3 good citizens of brighton don't know a crap about what's going on in our town is pretty funny. fortunately the last stop on the B line of the T is a mile from our apartment, so after all the walking this morning we figured we could handle another mile (that and the other alternative was a 4 mile walk from kenmore to our house). while on the T i kept myself occupied in the most mature fashion possible - imagining how funny it would be to screw with the recorded voice that announces the stops and says "the destination of this train is Boston College." i don't know if you know the sound of the T voice, but just imagine it saying "the destination of this train is your mom's house." you know it would be badass funny. or maybe i have problems. anyway, i was amused and kelly laughed. (of course that could have a been directly correlated to her only getting 2 hours of sleep last night, waking up at 7:45 am to try not to get blown over the side of the Harvard Bridge and then drinking a venti latte.) yea, maybe i'm really not funny.

want to know what is funny? since the walk today i have had a part of the new Family Guy movie in my head and it won't get out. i even came home and watched the part hoping it would leave once i heard it again. no such luck. it is one of the funniest parts in the movie and my roommates and i replayed it twice while watching the movie, but it's not going to be funny much longer if it takes up permenant residence in my brain. if you like family guy and haven't checked out the new movie "Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story" you should. and look for the part where Peter randomly (what about the show isn't random?) comes out hanging from the clothes line in the backyard dressed in a Spider-man costume with a big flabby belly roll bulging out. as he pulls himself along on the line he sings (to the tune of the Batman theme, by the way): "Danananananananana-SPIDER-MAN! Here comes peter on the clothesline but his name's not peter it is SPIDER-MAN, SPIDER-MAN! Come on lois let's get busy right here in the backyard cause i'm SPIDER-MAN, SPIDER-MAN! Touch my booty with your hand, SPIDER-MAN." Oooooo, we're in luck! I just found a clip of the song online here.

and i'm now realizing that nothing about this post is probably ammusing or funny to anyone but me (and maybe my roommates who won't read this anyway). it also may be proof that sometimes i might take drugs without conscious knowledge. i don't have another explanation for the sometimes bizarro shiznit that comes from my brain and spills out of my mouth on days like today.

other exciting events of this weekend included: dinner with Steph at Whiskeys on friday which was really good, going to Sanctuary with Nikki, Dylcia and Emily and drinking beer, sangria and gin and tonics all in the same night - fun at the time, but not recommended, hanging out with kelly's friends who came to visit for the weekend and going to my first Stand Up For Kids training session. i'm really excited to learn about Stand Up and start doing outreach this year. it seems like it's going to be tough but worth it and i know that erin will help me out because she has been involved for a couple years already. if you're in a bigger city and want to get involved in a great cause that helps homeless kids you should check it out. and on that, more serious and mature note i say adieu.

interesting fact: while playing 2 truths and a lie at training this weekend nobody got mine right. my 3 statements were 1 - my favorite movie is the matrix, 2 - my father is a lawyer and 3 - i have driven cross country twice. do you know the lie?

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thanks for having that link to the pgism website :-p it cracked me up!