Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Drugs are bad....mmmmkay?

wow, i just read my last post. i think i was on crack. if you haven't read it yet, here's fair warning that it's slightly manic. i'm just high on life, i swear.

tonight i went a huntin' for a good blog to read and write about every day for my contemporary mass comm. class. we have to keep a journal on one blog for a week and write about how it's written, the content, the author etc. it's a pretty good assignment i think. anywho, i searched forever to find the perfect blog, aka one that would be interesting, updated frequently and pretty. the one i decided on is called Dooce and is actually ranked #7 on some big site's top 100 blogs. the site is linked to over 10,000 other blogs! and the craziest part is that it is just a woman's journal. it is not centered around a cause, political stance, specific interest, it is just her day-to-day thoughts and life. and people eat it up. to her credit, she is a very talented designer-turned stay at home mom (a very noble choice), extremely well-written, sarcastic (my favorite), witty, interesting and truthful. but it just floors me that so many people would find her site and become caught up in her life. it is like watching a reality show, without the whole scripted manipulation part. which means it may actually be good.

two thumbs up for well-written blogs
two thumbs down for drugs

and a whole lotta love to puppies. just because.

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