Wednesday, October 19, 2005

why i love october (and halloween)

- sweaters but no coats
- sunshine and sweatshirts together
- crunching leaves on the sidewalk
- pumpkins
- apples
- movies on tv every night with titles like Damnation Alley, Poltergiest 8, The Legend of Hell House and Some Dead People are Taking Over My Town XV
- Columbus Day (day off)
- Disney airs 'Hocus Pocus" like it's their job
- Oktoberfest
- fishnet stalkings become mainstream for like a week
- lots of evil laughing
- corn that tastes like candy!
- Thriller and Monster Mash on the radio
and the best part - dressing up like a dorky/slutty/nasty/funny/sexy/icky whatever it is and walking around in public.

this year, i'm going to try to find the best cosumes to take pictures of during halloween and i'll post them here. although i think my roommates and i might win, at least for best initial reaction. mwuahahahahaha. MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHA. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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