Saturday, April 08, 2006

a little Coldplay and a lotta cold

blaaaa. i have been sick all week and it sucks. BUT, luckily it didn't hit fully until AFTER Coldplay. not like it would have detered me from going. i would have gotten there with a wheelchair and an IV in my arm if i had to, and it would have been absolutely worth it. just an amazing concert. everything worked out perfect too. alicia and i met each other in the parking garage and had a great dinner and then got to the arena in time to watch some of Richard Ashcroft and actually hear "Bittersweet Symphony" in person, so cool.

before we got there i was so worried about the seats because they were "side view" which could have meant we were looking at speakers or something, but instead it just meant we were on the side but still really close. i definitely made the right choice between those and the other available seats - straight on view but in the nose-bleed section. i'll let you decide for yourself though, because here are some of my pics. enjoy! =)

opening song: Square One

encore songs: Swallowed in the Sea, In My Place, Fix You

best songs: Fix You, The Scientist and Yellow (they dropped huge yellow balloons from the ceiling that sprayed sparkly gold confetti when they popped and Chris Martin popped the last one on the stage by doing a belly flop on it, then he finished the song)

special song: Ring of Fire (played right after Kingdom Come)

best non-music parts: Chris Martin's interpretive dances, getting waved at by Chris Martin, and the whole band coming to the edge of the stage to take pictures of the audience.

alicia and i were so taken with how fan-friendly this band is. they didn't talk much in between the songs, which meant more music time, and when they did talk it was to thank us for being amazing, tell us how much they love New England and ask how everyone was doing (like that was even a question!).

beautiful music made by nice boys, what else could a girl want?

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Horus said...

Nice blog! Coldplay concert sounded awesome!