Tuesday, July 11, 2006

because i'm not this witty on my own

who remembers the Advertising Slogan Generator from like junior year of college?!?! I do! I do! For some reason the memory of it just came to me today and of the countless (and let's be honest, pointless) hours I spent inserting my name, other people's names and, let's be honest again, dirty/bad words into the text box and hitting "Sloganize!". I think I even had a list on my computer of the more funny and innapropriate ones. then becky made magnets out of the ones with our names on them for our fridge at the cottage. she didn't use the dirty ones though (unfortunately).

so, let us all flash back to the days when we had countless hours to waste laughing at pointless but highly entertaining web pages. here are some examples of ones I did today, but if you haven't experience the Slogan Generator for yourself you have to check it out.

"A day without shitballs is like a day without sunshine."

"Pure Allison."

"Allison tested, mother approved."

"You like Allison, Allison likes you."

(uh oh, parental units, look away now) "Top breeders recommend Allison."

then there's this one that almost made me choke on my pineapple slice and die - "You're in good hands with George W. Bush."

And lastly, one that will bring dignity and maturity back to this blog.........

"I can't believe I ate the whole poop!"

yes, i have two degrees. and my parents are so proud.

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