Friday, November 24, 2006

I Swear if I Had Work to Do Right Now I Would Be Doing It

Things I want to do before I die.
1. Go back to Australia
2. Live in a foreign country
3. Be in love
4. Get certified in scuba and dive all over the world
5. Change someone's life

Things I can do.
1. Dance/choreograph
2. Sing the words to almost every song
3. Take fairly decent pictures
4. Survive on my own
5. Talk intelligently and convincingly about almost every subject (even if I really have no idea what I'm talking about.)

Things I cannot do.
1. Wear a bikini
2. Make that popping noise that Donkey makes in Shrek 2 (just ask Kelly, it's not pretty)
3. Eat mushrooms
4. Flirt
5. Talk intelligently and convincingly about politics.

Things that attract me to the opposite sex.
1. Eyes - especially blue or green
2. Sense of humor - especially sarcasm
3. Scruffy hair
4. Cute dorkiness
5. Manners (I know that sounds old-fashioned, but who doesn't melt when a guy opens a door for you?)

Celebrity crushes.
1. David Duchovny (obviously)
2. John Krasinski (who, btw, is from Newton and I would die if I saw him out at a bar in Boston)
3. Zach Braff
4. Gavin DeGraw
5. Jimmy Fallon

(Think this list upholds what I said in the previous list?)

People I want to do this next.
1. Even if I say it, no one will do it anyway.

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