Monday, March 12, 2007

Is it hot in the office or is it just Jim?

Here's another Office fan video. It doesn't quite hold the same place in my heart as when Michael and Dwight brough SexyBack but its still really funny with incredible editing. My favorite parts - "I think my butt gettin big!" and Pam's "what?...oh".

Good thing there's something to keep me offipied while The Office is on hiatus forEVER.
Also, if you're a fan, you should know NBC is showing "newpeats" this Thursday. They are special extended episodes of "The Merger" and "Traveling Salesmen" that have been re-edited to include material originally cut from the eps' first run.

Other fun Office stuff to get you through the dry spell:

Play NBC's Office Quote Game (harder than you'd think)
Watch Rainn Wilson's Office Themed Monologue on SNL
Read Jenna Fischer (aka Pam)'s MySpace Blog
Write in The Life in the Office Forum

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