Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Free Tibet? No. Free Jenna!

Hocker of hilariousness Rainn Wilson is going to scary lengths to promote the August 20th opening of his new movie The Rocker. First he hijacked Office co-star Jenna Fischer's MySpace blog and then he kidnapped her and threw her in his trunk! He will release her on one condition: we all go see The Rocker opening weekend. If it grosses over 18+ million dollars then he will not only free her but make her a peach milkshake. Sounds like a good deal to me!

To keep updated on Jenna's captive status visit Oh and I guess you should all see The Rocker. I'm personally not so sure about it yet, but I do love Rainn and this grassroots type marketing scheme is hilarious. I love when people have no shame.

Also, it seems that Cafepress already has "Free Jenna" t-shirts for sale. Support your favorite receptionist now!

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