Tuesday, May 16, 2006

call me stupid

it has been raining in boston for almost a week straight now. towns in the area are flooded about a foot higher than the "flood line," schools, businesses and roads are closed, people are losing everything in their houses. luckily, brighton has not been one of these areas and the most we have had to worry about is a little water in the basement and getting from the apartment to the car without looking like you just took a long shower with all your clothes on. yesterday the rain subsided by a lot and the only concern of anyone here was avoiding the puddles; something that i apparently did not do successfully enough.

my dumb-ass instead procedes to drop my cell phone in a giant puddle. yes, the same cell phone that has almost reached the 2 year point where I can get a new one. the operative word here is ALMOST. after dropping the phone in the puddle and drying it off, nothing was working. i tried to turn it on and all it was doing was turning on the red light and staying on, but no screen action. so i left it off for a little while and a few hours later i was happy to find that the whole phone turned on and looked like it was going to be okay! and then i tried to use the keypad. currently i can dial the numbers 1,4,7 and *. also the End button and the upper selection pad is working. so, for the next 2 months, if you happen to have the number 1-444-7747 you are my new friend. however, i still won't be able to actually call you because the Send button isn't working. sorry.

luckily my phone has voice activation and i can say things like "Call Caryn!" and the computer lady says:
"Did you say....Call Erin!'?"
"Did you say 'Call Carrie!'?"
"Did you say 'Call Becky!'?"
"NOOOOOOO!!!! 'Becky' doesn't even sound like 'Caryn'!!"
"Thank you. Calling 'Home'"

so, if you don't hear from me in a while it's because the lady in my cell phone hates me.

oh, and don't even try to text me unless you want to get back words that only have ghi and pqrs in them. like "rig his ships high" or "rip high sprigs", or my favorite, "his pigs sip piss".

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