Tuesday, May 09, 2006

if you're reading this and it's friday, may 12th, it's already too late

kelly, jen and i went to the gym this morning as (somewhat) usual. we did the treadmill and then the bike before some crunches and pilates work. a pretty normal workout. then at some point we took a wrong turn and things went down hill. i won't get into specifics, but in the end we walked out of Bally's an hour and a half later with appointments for personal training sessions with a marine.

so this is my announcement to you all that i will be dead on friday may 12, 2006 at 11am due to complications of being out of shape. my epitaph will read: "here lies allison, all she wanted to do was lose 40 pounds, but instead she died."


Rebecca said...

I forbid you to die. If you need to cancel that appointment, thats fine, but I cannot get married without you there and therefore, dying on May 12 is not an option.

And by the way, what the HECK were you thinking? A MARINE?!?!?!

Stephanie said...

Kick his ass Allison--bring your TASER GUN!!!

CARYN said...


good luck. you'll kick ass. please don't die. love you!

allison said...

thanks for the well wishes. i had to cancel last week's appointment so i am going today (5/16) at 4, my new ETD (that's estimated time of death for those who weren't CJ majors or don't watch too much CSI like me).