Saturday, August 12, 2006

the (2nd) greatest idea EVER

if deciding to have alicia's bachelorette party be 80's themed was the BEST idea i've ever had, this has to be the second best*:

Adult Ding Dong Cart!

ok, for those of you who aren't from western mass. that probably just looks dirty, but it's not. the ding dong cart is the ice cream truck that drives around your neighborhood in the summer giving teenage mutant ninja turtle pops to kiddies. but why should they have all the fun?

the answer: they shouldn't.

so, the plan. if i don't get a real job that i like by next spring i'm going to buy one of those ding dong carts. instead of selling ice cream treats by playing "Turkey in the Straw," i'm going to sell jello shots, frozen margaritas, pina coladas and keg beer by tricking my truck out and playing "Sexyback." every friday from 8pm-3am would be a flippin goldmine! i can see the BU students running already.

then during mardi gras i could drive my sweet ride to new orleans. spring break time i'd go down to daytona beach and, of course, mexico for cinco de mayo! i'd be more popular than the Girls Gone Wild bus!

ok. no i wouldn't. BUT i'd still be pretty damn popular.

*i had help in developing this idea while talking with my roommate jen, so she should also get some of the credit.

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Stephanie said...

don't go to mexico for cinco de mayo. turns out, they don't really celebrate it. bummer, i know