Tuesday, August 29, 2006

i know i should just get over it, but...

i am going to ask one request of everyone i know who reads this blog (most of who are just friends and family): if you call me up or see me somewhere, please refrain from asking me if i have a job yet. i don't and i am tired of discussing my lack of job. it's no one's fault that it is a hot topic of conversation, it's such a central point of life. believe me, i know.

also believe me when i say that when i get a job, EVERYONE will know. i will probably get a megaphone and drive through boston yelling it to the world. maybe i'll even call up delilah and dedicate some cheesy song to myself in congratulations.

so keep sending the job fairy vibes my way or whatever, and listen out for the song, the megaphone, a phone call, etc. i absolutely appreciate your interest in my life and of course your well wishes, but understand why i just don't want to talk about it.

thank you.


Pussy Galore said...

Hi, Allison -

I randomly came across your post. I am NOT here to ask if you've gotten a job.

I'm just posting so that I can lend my anonymous support to you. I hope you do get a job - but a job that you want - a job that makes you happy. All the money in the world is NOT worth doing a job you are miserable doing.

Keep up the faith, Allison. You'll make it. I've never been to Boston, but I hear it's a lovely city. I live in California. I don't have an "outside" job, either.

Take care! Keep the faith!

Anonymous said...

YES!!!! You have another blog stalker besides me