Friday, December 22, 2006

U2 Makes the Ultimate Fanvid

Is it just a coincidence that YouTube and U2 are almost the same name?! Go wrap your brain around that over Christmas break conspiracy freaks.

Everyone else, enjoy this video:

"Window in the Skies"

*Addendum: Just thought I should let you know that I found this video (coincidentally) through a Guster post on MySpace. Thought they should get some credit.


Anonymous said...

Just an amazing piece... wow! Great song too!

Anonymous said...

made me cry it was so spot on. dennis from culp creek oregon

Chariot13 said...

Yea, just when I think I might be starting to lose interest in their new music, they do this. Just a beautiful song and brilliantly conceptualized and edited video.

It reminds me of all the fanvids that people make and post on YouTube using clips from their favorite shows and movies, except 100 times better.

Gold star to U2 and their crew.

Anonymous said...

still spot on.See what love has done!