Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Word Around the Water Cooler

For once the word is around my own office, not Dunder Mifflin's. I know I've said I won't be stupid and blog about work, but this is just too good not to share (and it's not harmful or mean to anyone). Really, it's just funny and amusing.

About a month ago, all the department heads were called to a meeting by our Chief of Staff. After the meeting was over, there was that buzz that happens when one group gets some new information and must spread it to anyone they come into contact with, right. now. Sometimes that energy can be positive, like "yay Christmas bonus!" and sometimes the energy feels more like "no Christmas for you!" Around here, that day was like Christmas had been canceled (you knew I couldn't go the whole post without referencing it at least once).

However, since the Chief of Staff doesn't have the authority to cancel Christmas, the news (I later heard from my boss) was that they are bringing in "staffing consultants" to assess the office and see who is necessary and who is not. Or as my boss put it "They are bringing in the Bobs".

Ummmmm, yeaaaaa. I think I better get working on all those backed up TPS reports I have to put covers on.

Or maybe, I'll just do this:

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