Tuesday, January 03, 2006

mexico = a lot of margaritas = clr = my girls = missing you all.

i know this is in my away message right now, but i had to put it here to keep it forever and to honor the anniversary of the first CLR (for those not in the know, CLR is Central Location Reunion and is when, on average, seven of us girls from EC 04 get together, drink margaritas, eat like shit, laugh our asses off and basically pretend we're still in college). i wish i was seeing my girls again, but everyone's busy with their lives and we know that we have weddings coming up anyway that will serve as CLRs this year. so in honor of six of my favorite ECers, here is a conversation that only they may find as amusing as kristin and i did:

RENTRENT82: seriously... these reunions were such a great idea

Chari0t13: yea and we have to try really hard to keep them up
Chari0t13: even once people start getting married and shit
Chari0t13: we need to be those old ladies that still have reunions

RENTRENT82: for real
RENTRENT82: lol yes!!!

Chari0t13: still wearing our nasty ec sweatshirts

RENTRENT82: hahaha
RENTRENT82: omg we will be a riot

Chari0t13: haha
Chari0t13: "never have i ever, broken my hip on the stairs"

RENTRENT82: ahhhh

Chari0t13: "jess, you better drink double"

i love and miss you girls like crazy!

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sara said...

Awww . . . I wish we were having a CLR right now. I miss you tons!