Sunday, January 08, 2006

a wet, hot mexican winter memory

so tonight i'm at Hurricane O'Reilly's with nicole and kevin, dancing, drinking, whatever, and this song comes on that gives me the funniest memory from my trip to cancun. please visualize this:

at the main pool in our resort there were different sports and activities for people to participate in throughout the day. every day around noon one of the event staff would lead water aerobics for anyone who wanted to join in. many of the days my mom and i did the aerobics session, which mostly consisted of jogging in the water and doing a lot of arm motions to hip hop or dance music. one of the days, i decided to sit out and continue reading my book instead, but my mom went in anyway. so i'm just laying pool-side half-listening to the music, reading my book and partially watching the pool. all of a sudden a song comes on that practically makes me fall off my chaise lounge. i look at the pool and there's my mom and about 15 other middle-aged women jumping up and down and doing arm curls to, "you gotta lick it, before you stick it, you gotta get it soft and wet so we can kick it." of course, everyone else seems oblivious to the words of the song (maybe because i'm surrounded by little kids and their parents), i hope at least the pool DJ was also finding it amusing. it was really the funniest thing and i had no one to share it with at the time. so now i'm sharing. it's probably a "you had to be there" kind of thing, but really, just picture your mom doing jazzercise to that song. priceless.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's totally not a "you had to be there" moment. That's just high quality all around.

MOM :-) said...

Who said your mom wasn't aware of the words in that song? I went to college, too. And I have lived for an unbelievable 56 years and know way more about life than I really care to know.
Anything you want to ask me about? Feel free!! LOL