Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Did I Say That Reality Shows Are Stupid? Because What I Really Meant Was "Reality Shows Are Stupid Until a Family Member Wins Money On One"

Apparently, my second cousin (or something) just won 1/2 million dollars on Big Brother All Stars.

They say distant family members come out of the woodwork when you get rich.

Watch out Mike, cause i'm a-comin!

Just look at that family resemblance!


Anonymous said...

thats crazy


Sara said...

Dude, you're seriously related to him?

He was on the View yesterday and they said he owns a bunch of restaurants with Ashton Kutcher. He doesn't even need the 500k. You totally have to be his friend.

He is also mean, apparently. I've never watched the Big Brother, but Rosie O'Donnell yelled at him a lot. He referred to himself as a "HoMaster," I believe.