Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A New Look for a New Beginning

Welcome to my newly rennovated blog! It's barely shy of it's 1st birthday and I've decided it needs a facelift. I've heard cosmetic surgery is addicting, so maybe I'll be changing it all the time! Now that I use Blogger Beta (thanks to Sara), it is much easier to make changes than before. Not as much messy HTML code to fumble with.

So that is the new look. The new beginning is MY NEW JOB!!! Yes, I got a job! Actually, I got two, but who's counting? The one I accepted is working for the graphic communications department in the office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth (that means it's a state job). Pretty good pay, great benefits and an amazing view of downtown Boston from my office! It is all very exciting and I start Monday!

I owe a huge thank you to my friend Emily who is actually leaving the job and helped me slide into her place. She gave her boss my resume and kept promoting me to him. It really is who you know. I am greatful that this opportunity came up because it ends 8 months of job searching, something I don't wish on anyone. I am also thankful to those of you who kept my spirits up during those months. Your sympathy and words of encouragement were so helpful and greatly appreciated.

It may be hard at first to leave such a great schedule behind, and the comfort of working in my PJs, but I can't wait to get into the real work force, meet new people and learn more about graphic design. I think this is just the first step on my career path.

Definitely the start of something good.


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You win! I hope you love the job!